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Refrigerator problems could cost you if you don’t take care of them early. Energy losses as well as possible illness and food wastage should be expected. We have a staff of professionals at your service here at iFix Appliance Repair Scarsdale. Our professionals repair different refrigerator types including French door refrigerators, freezerless refrigerators, compact refrigerators, etc.

Our technicians can readily handle any refrigerator issues problems you’ve been having. Give us a call today. We also handle refrigerator maintenance, replacement and general service.

We replace solenoids, thermostats, condensers, defrost heaters, etc. If you’ve been wondering whether you should replace or repair your refrigerator, give us a call and we’ll advise you accordingly.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

Our experts come highly recommended when it comes to oven and range repair and maintenance. We don’t want you getting frustrated over a broken down oven and that’s why we like to work fast. We can handle a long list of oven repair issues that include power issues, replacing broken/damaged parts, faulty oven doors, faulty lights, etc. We’re available for any oven problem you have.

We also replace relays, temperature sensors, igniters, burners, switches, etc.

Warming Drawer

How well you care for your warming drawer will determine how often you need our warming drawer repair and maintenance services in Scarsdale. We’ve seen our fair share of warming drawer problems and are more than happy to advise our clients on what to do. Call or visit our office today.

Our technicians can deal with several drawer issues including;

  • Power issues
  • Drawer positioning
  • Overheating problems
  • Drawer is stuck, etc.

We also replace warming drawer parts that include;

-Power keys

-Fan motors

-Mounting screws

-Thermostats, etc.


We will ensure your dishwasher is back to providing maximum ease and convenience in your home or business. Say goodbye to dishwasher repair and maintenance issues when you choose to work with professionals such as us.

We can take care of several dishwasher problems including;

-Wash cycles running too long

-Dishwasher that leaks

-Dishwasher doesn’t fill with water

-Dirty dishes at the end of each cycle

-Water not pumping out


Are you having a problem with your microwave? We urge you to act fast. Call or visit the microwave oven repair and maintenance experts in town. We can fix a variety of microwave ovens for homes as well as businesses.

Some of the microwave oven issues we’ve come across are;

  • Microwave has no power
  • Sparks inside the microwave
  • Turntable isn’t positioned properly to rotate
  • Heating issues
  • Touch pad keys don’t work

We replace fuses, switches, diodes, lights, and more microwave oven parts. Contact our Scarsdale office today!

Washing Machine

iFix is your go-to stop for quality and timely washer repair and maintenance services in Scarsdale.  We perform regular maintenance services for both residential and commercial purposes as per your request. Call us today for speedy repair services that are conducted by highly trained professionals.

Have you been having problems with your washing machine? Reach us today if you have experienced any washer problem of any nature. This includes washing machines that won’t power on, noisy washers, no agitation problems, abnormal wash cycles, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you’re experiencing this on a front loading washing machine, a compact washer or a top loading one. We repair several kinds of washing machines at iFix.

We also have quality washer replacement available for our customers. These include;

-Lid plungers

-Agitator assemblies


-Drive spindles

-Hoses, etc.


The repair and maintenance experts in town- iFix Appliance Repair also take care of dryer repair. Our technicians repair gas dryers and electric dryers. Both of them operate differently and we’ll need to examine which one you own before we can diagnose a problem.

We can repair several kinds of dryer issues for you. Don’t stress over a drum that won’t spin or a dryer that doesn’t power on. We’re more than happy to provide you with fast, affordable and quality dryer repair and maintenance services

We also replace dryer parts like;

  • Fuses
  • Rollers
  • Motors
  • Thermostats
  • Belts, etc.

Remember, you need to use dryers when they’re at their peak in order to save on utility costs. To avoid inconveniences from dryer breakdowns and safety issues, give us a call or visit our Scarsdale office today.


We fix chest freezers, drawer freezers, upright freezers and refrigerator/freezer combinations. Handling several refrigerator types has helped us acquire a knowledge on solutions for different issues that may come up. These include;


-Power issues

-Damaged refrigerator parts

-Surprise temperature shifts

-Weird noises, etc.

Fridge problems should be handled by a professional repair and maintenance technician only. To avoid any dangerous hazards for your family and you, reach us today. We also provide quality freezer parts.

Vent Hood

You shouldn’t have to deal with the frustration of a broken down vent hood. We don’t want you to have to suffer. Count on the appliance repair and maintenance experts in Scarsdale- iFix Appliance Repair to cater to all your vent hood repair needs. We can repair any kind of vent hood for you regardless of design or size.

Common vent hood issues include;

  • Noisy vent hoods
  • Vent hoods that won’t power on
  • Keypad won’t work
  • Problems with clearing smoke, etc.

If you’re experiencing any of these vent hood issues, call or visit iFix Appliance Repair today! We’re here to assist you.

We can replace filters, lights, exhaust fans, switches, and more vent hood parts. What are you waiting for? Call to order our professional vent hood services today.

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Scarsdale is a town and village in Westchester County. Scarsdale co-exists with Scarsdale village, but the community operates with their own village government, one of several villages that has a similar situation. Caleb Heathcote bought the land that would later be called Scarsdale in the early 1700s. He had it elevated to the class of a royal manor and named it after his ancestral home back in England. When he died in 1721, his daughters inherited the property. In 1774, the estate was broken up and the town officially founded in 1788. During the American Revolution, the town saw fighting when the Continental and British armies clashed briefly at the area that is now the junction of Mamaroneck Road and Garden Road. The British commander stayed at a farmhouse on Garden Road that is still standing up to date.