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Proper refrigerator maintenance means you get to save money. Do you own an old refrigerator or thinking of purchasing a new one? Older models usually suffer from wear and tear because of working so hard throughout the years. Let us help you decide whether you need a new fridge or need to hold on to one that needs continuous maintenance and repairs.

Our professional tech crew can fix several refrigerator types including;

-Top freezer refrigerators

-Compact refrigerators

-French door refrigerators

-Freezerless refrigerators etc.

iFix Appliance Repair of Rye can also take care of maintenance, replacement, repair, general service and more.

We replace the following refrigerator parts:

  • Solenoids
  • Thermostats
  • Condensers and more!
Oven / Range / Cooktop

When your oven breaks down, this can be so frustrating and extremely inconveniencing as well. This is especially true for restaurants, hotels and other places of business. You don’t have to waste another minute with a broken down oven. iFix Appliance experts will take care of it for you. We fix several oven issues including;

-Burner remains hot regardless of different setting

-Burner won’t come on

-Indicator light won’t go off

-Oven door is stuck and other issues.

We replace the following parts for ovens, cooktops and ranges:

  • Igniters
  • Thermostats
  • Valves
  • Temperature sensors and more!
Warming Drawer

We’re proud to cater to all the warming drawer repair and maintenance issues in Rye. Warming drawer problems usually come about when you don’t have any maintenance practices for your appliance in place.

Common warming drawer problems our technicians handle include;

  • Drawer isn’t in place properly
  • Warming drawer won’t operate
  • Appliance is difficult to move around
  • Warming drawer doesn’t close
  • Warming drawer shuts off suddenly

We also replace several warming drawer parts including thermostats, mounting screws, fans, etc.

Rye homeowners mostly have microwaves, but we do see a rise in warming drawer purchases. Microwaves can warm plates for us, but drawers get the job done right. While microwaves leave our food soggy, warming drawers leave it crisp and fresh.

If your home or business is based in Rye and you’ve been having problems with warming drawers, call or visit our appliance repair and maintenance office in Rye today.


We’re the appliance repair and maintenance experts in town- we’ll solve your dishwasher problem today! Common dishwasher problems our professionals have encountered before include;

– Leaking Dishwasher

-Water not pumping out

-Dishwasher won’t fill with water

-Dirty dishes at the end of a cycle and more!


When you work with us, you get the whole package. We’re knowledgeable, skilled and we like to keep time. We repair the following types of microwave ovens;



-Drawer style

When buying a microwave, you must put into consideration how wattage impacts the rate at which food cooks. Space is also an issue. Do you have a large kitchen or a smaller one? We’ll help you determine the best microwave for your kitchen. Call us today.

iFix Appliance Repair technicians take care of the following microwave problems;

  • Microwave won’t work
  • Sparks seen inside the microwave
  • Microwave won’t heat food
  • Touch pad isn’t working and more.

iFix Appliance Repair of Rye professionals can replace several microwave parts as well. Give us a call today for the best microwave repair and maintenance services in town.

Washing Machine

You’re going to need a service provider that can tackle emergency repairs quickly and there’s no other in Rye except iFix Appliance Repair.

We offer general maintenance, repair and replacement services. Call us today if you need servicing on the following;

-Top loading washing machines

-Compact washing machines

-Combination units

-Front loading washing machines

Have you been having issues with this appliance lately? Our technicians advise you to take quick action. The following are common washer problems we handle;

  • Washing machine won’t turn on
  • Washing machine won’t spin properly
  • Excess vibration
  • No agitation
  • Washing machine leaks, etc.

We replace several washing machine parts like;

-Drive spindles

-Lid plungers


-Transmissions and more

iFix Appliance Repair technicians will make sure you’re back to easy laundry days fast. Call us today and let our professionals do their magic.


We’ll determine what kind of dryer you own before diagnosing a problem. Our technicians can provide solutions for the following problems;

-Dryer won’t run

-Drum doesn’t spin

-Dryer doesn’t produce any heat

-Dryer overheats

We replace the following parts;

  • Motors
  • Thermostats
  • Rollers
  • Belts, etc.

Remember, using appliances like dryers when they’re not performing at their best capacity can lead to high energy bills. If you’re having a breakdown or need dryer maintenance, don’t hesitate to call or visit iFix Appliance Repair of Rye.


At iFix Appliance Repair, expect our staff to be highly trained and competent when it comes to freezer repair. We can fix drawer freezers, upright freezers, chest freezers and refrigerator/freezer combinations.

If you’re having any of the following common freezer issues, call or visit our Rye office today;

-Freezer isn’t cooling

-Freezer won’t power on

-Damaged door seals

-Freezer doesn’t maintain a constant temperature


-Freezer making weird noises

Faulty timers, safety switches malfunctioning, bad evaporator fans, etc. are all issues that should be handled by expert technicians only.

We also provide the following freezer parts;

  • Compressors
  • Door seals
  • Evaporator coils
  • Fans
  • Thermostats, and several others

Save your food and money when you choose iFix Appliance Repair of Rye. Call or visit us if you need freezer repair/maintenance or replacement parts.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods help provide odor removal thus ensuring your kitchen remains comfortable and inviting. We repair and maintain a range of vent hoods including;

-Ducted vent hoods

-Custom built-in vent hoods

-Non-ducted vent hoods

-Wall-mounted chimney vent hoods, etc.

When choosing a vent hood, remember its size will depend on that of your kitchen.

Common vent hood issues we handle are:

  • Loud motor
  • Keypad not working
  • Vent hoods with a humming motor
  • Vent hood won’t clear smoke, and more.

Reach out to iFix Appliance Repair of Rye if you’re having vent hood problems. Our technicians replace vent hood parts too. Examples are:


-Exhaust fan motors

-Filters and more

Our professionals can get your vent hood system functioning in the shortest time possible. Call us if you need any repairs, maintenance or general checks.

Serving Rye

Did you know that Rye is the youngest city in New York? Many Rye residents don’t know the rich history our city possesses. When’s the last time you visited the Boston Post Road Historic District? You probably didn’t know that it’s one of two historic landmarks located right here in Rye. The other landmark is Playland, an amusement park featuring one of the oldest rollercoasters- Dragon Coaster. There are more than 200-year-old milestones on Boston Post Road. The center-piece of the road has got to be Jay Estate, home of John Jay, one of the Founding Fathers of America. Rye also has a mural commemorating John Jay located within the city. It states “John Jay at His Home”.