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If you own a refrigerator you know how convenient storing food is for you and your family. You don’t want your favorite kitchen appliance breaking down because that means wastage and illness could follow.

Investing in a good refrigerator repair and maintenance company saves you money. Our professionals have experience in repairing several refrigerator types, so call our office today to schedule an appointment.

We’ve dealt with several kinds of refrigerator problems before, we’re confident we’ve seen it all. Call iFix Appliance Repair today for all your refrigerator repair, maintenance, replacement, general service needs and more.

We replace the following refrigerator parts:

  • Defrost heaters
  • Solenoids
  • Condensers, etc. You name it!
Oven / Range / Cooktop

Hotels, restaurants and other places of business know the real frustration of working with a broken down oven. It could mean drastic losses for your business ranging from time, food and money. You want a reliable appliance repair and maintenance company to ensure you’re never in this situation. We’re your go-to service provider in Larchmont

We always ensure we have highly experienced professionals on our team as that’s the only way we can give our customers the best experience. When it comes to oven and range repair and maintenance, we handle any of the following issues;

-Oven doesn’t heat up.

-Indicator light stays on all through

-Oven won’t bake

-Burner remains hot despite different setting

We replace several ovens, cooktops and ranges parts including;

  • Thermostats
  • Igniters
  • Valves
  • Temperature sensors
  • Dials and more

Call us today for the best oven repair and maintenance services in Larchmont.

Warming Drawer

You’ll never really know how important a warming drawer is until the day you pop a cold plate into this appliance and discover it doesn’t work anymore. What next? You’ll need to give the appliance experts in town a call. iFix Appliance Repair is at your service. We’re happy to attend to all you warming drawer repair and maintenance needs.

We’ve seen several warming drawer issues before, but the most common include;

  • Warming drawer isn’t leveled
  • Appliance is difficult to move
  • Warming drawer won’t operate
  • Appliance won’t close
  • Warming drawer shuts off during use

We also replace several warming drawer parts so you can visit us for that too. Warming drawer parts include;

-Mounting screws

-Fan motors


-Power buttons

-Keypads, etc.

Do you need warming drawer repair or maintenance?

The frequency of warming drawer repairs depends on how well homeowners and business owners care for this appliance. You will need to put in place regular maintenance practices such as cleaning your drawer, making sure it is unplugged, making sure it doesn’t come into contact with water, etc.

We can prevent you from making an expensive mistake. Call on us to cater to all your warming drawer needs today. We have an open office that caters to all our customers here.


Nobody likes to get worn out by a sink full of dirty dishes. A dishwasher that doesn’t perform is anything but convenient. It can be a real headache working with broken appliance, but lucky for you there’s an unmatched appliance repair and maintenance company in town.

We can provide a solution to your dishwasher problem. Call or visit iFix Appliance Repair Larchmont today!

We’ve dealt with several kinds of dishwasher problems before including;

-Dishwashers that don’t fill with water

-Wash cycles running longer than usual

-Dirty utensils at the end of each cycle

-Water leaks and more

Call us if you need any dishwasher repair and maintenance services in Larchmont.


We repair several types of these warming appliances like built-in, countertop and drawer style microwave ovens.

We also handle several kinds of microwave problems including;

  • Turntable isn’t rotating
  • Loud noises heard from microwave
  • Microwave keys don’t work anymore
  • Microwave doesn’t warm food and many other problems

Having a problem with your microwave? Call us for efficient microwave repair. We replace switches, fuses, diodes, lights and other microwave parts.

Washing Machine

Do you need emergency washer repairs? iFix is your number one appliance and repair company in town. We offer regular washer maintenance and repair services in Larchmont. Call us today if you need servicing on any kind of washing machine.

Our iFix Appliance technicians advise you to take quick action if you have a broken down washing machine.

Reach us today if you have any of the following washer problems;

  • Excess vibration
  • Washing machine doesn’t power on
  • Washing machine won’t spin
  • Little or no agitation
  • Leaks and more!

We also replace;





-Belts and several other washer parts

We’ll see to it that your laundry days are back to being hassle-free. Call us today and let our skilled professional staff take care of all your washer repairs and general maintenance.


We fix gas and electric dryers. Our technicians will have to examine the type of dryer you have before diagnosing a problem.

Some common dryer issues our technicians have encountered before include;

-Problems with the dryer running

-Dryer drum doesn’t spin

-Your dryer doesn’t produce heat, etc.

We replace the following parts;

  • Fuses
  • Timers
  • Thermostats
  • Belts
  • Motors, etc.

To prevent dryer breakdowns and safety issues, make sure you give us a call today.


With a freezer, homes and businesses can store food and prevent illnesses and wastage. With a broken down freezer, you can do nothing of the sort.  Our iFix Appliance Repair technicians are highly knowledgeable when it comes to freezer repair. We can repair freezers of any style and dimension.

The following are common freezer problems;

-Freezer isn’t cooling

-Freezer doesn’t have any power

-Door seals are damaged

-Freezer doesn’t have a constant temperature.

-Freezer overcools.

Freezer repair problems should be handled by professionals only.

We also replace freezer parts such as timers, evaporator fans, switches, door seals, thermostats, etc. We’re available for freezer repair and maintenance services in Larchmont. Call or visit us today!

Vent Hood

Vent hoods are important appliances in every kitchen since they provide odor removal and promote freshness. We repair a variety of vent hoods including ducted/non-ducted systems, custom built-in, wall-mounted chimneys, etc.

There are several tiny indicators that will show you are in need of vent hood repairs. Sometimes they come small, sometimes large. These are;

  • Noise from motor
  • Vent hood doesn’t clear smoke
  • Fan doesn’t work, etc.

If you have any vent hood issues bothering you, please call or visit iFix Appliance Repair Larchmont today! We’re happy to help.

We can replace the following vent hood parts for you;



-Exhaust fan motors

-Filters and more.

Our professionals can make sure your vent hood is running in the shortest time possible. Call us if you need any work done on your vent hoods.

Serving Larchmont

In Mamaroneck town lies Larchmont village, a small community of about 6,000 people. Larchmont was discovered by the Dutch and originally occupied by the Siwanoy. A man named John Richbell bought Larchmont from the Siwanoy after parting with trinkets and a small amount of goods. This purchase wasn’t accepted by Thomas Revell, who later bought the land from the Siwanoy at a much higher price. In the end it was Richbell who ended up owning the land. This happened in 1668. Richbell started encouraging settlement right away. In 1700, Samuel Palmer, the Town Supervisor, got hold of the original land leases for a portion of the land. The Palmer family obtained a full land title that included what is present day Larchmont village. Those were the earliest owners of Larchmont.