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Fixing refrigerator problems early on help save hundreds of dollars. With our staff of professional technicians, we offer repair services for all kinds of refrigerators including French door refrigerators, top freezer refrigerators, freezer-less refrigerators, and compact refrigerators, to name a few.
Our technicians also provide maintenance services, part replacement, general services and others. We have the following refrigerator replacement parts:
• Defrost heaters
• Solenoids
• Drawers
• Thermostats
While newer refrigerator models require simple tune-ups and repairs, older refrigerators require extensive reconstruction due to years of wear and tear. In the long run, it’s cheaper to invest in a new refrigerator rather than investing in regular repairs for an older model.
If your refrigerator needs repairs or maintenance, however small, call us today

Oven / Range / Cooktop

Kitchen appliances should be free of fault and efficient. Our certified and professional technicians offer timely kitchen appliance repair and maintenance services. Our services have your kitchen back in pristine conditions within the shortest time possible. We serve both residential and commercial customers solving problems such as:
• Ovens that won’t bake
• Malfunctioning oven lights
• Malfunctioning burners
• Cooktops that won’t heat
iFix Appliance Repair services in Harrison, NY offers a wide range of cooktop replacement parts such as:
• Switches
• Thermostats
• Burners
• Dials
Regardless of the problem with your oven or cooktops, call us now for free advice. We will dispatch our technicians immediately to help you resolve faults in your kitchen appliances.

Warming Drawer

Serving your clients or guests with cold food won’t win you any friends. To keep them happy, and possibly get more business from them, make sure any glitch in your warming drawer gets immediate attention. We can help you maintain a fault-free warming drawer with our team of professional repairs crew. Call us today and get your hotel kitchen appliances running efficiently.
Most of our customers come to us fix the following problems with their warming drawers:
• Warming drawer is out of position
• Warming drawer won’t close
• Warming drawer won’t work
• Warming drawer won’t turn on
We have the following replacement parts for your warming drawer:
• Power buttons
• Keypads
• Mounting screws
• Thermostats
• Fan motors
Call iFix Appliance Repair today to get your warming drawer back to tip-top shape. Our fast and professional services get you back in business in the shortest time possible.


No matter what kind of problem your dishwasher develops, we have the solution. Our professional repair crew has extensive experience in fixing dishwasher problems such as:
• Unusually long wash cycles
• Dishwasher doesn’t fill with water
• Dishwasher won’t clean dishes


Microwave repairs and maintenance services should be done by a professional. If you have a problem with your built-in microwave, countertop microwave, or drawer style microwave, our technicians have the solution.
iFix Appliance Repair repairs a wide range of microwave problems including:
• Microwave not heating
• Sparks inside microwave oven
• Turntable won’t rotate
• Microwave won’t turn on
iFix Appliance Repair also stocks a range of microwave replacement parts including:
• Capacitors
• Diodes
• Switches
Call us now for a bargain on replacement parts and professional microwave repair services.

Washing Machine

At iFix Appliance Repair, we provide professional repair and maintenance services to keep your washer running smoothly. If your top loading washing machines, compact washing machines, front loading machines, or combination units need repair, call us today.
We repair the following problems:
• Washing machines with excessive vibrations
• Washing machines that won’t turn on
• Washing machines that don’t spin
• Washing machines that don’t agitate
We also have replacement parts for drive spindles, timers, transmissions, pumps, and more.
With our services, you’ll be back to doing laundry in no time.


A malfunctioning dryer adds to your utility costs. Save on energy bills by getting in touch with our professional technicians skilled in solving a wide range of dryer problems. We fix dryers that won’t run, overheating problems, broken coils, and more.
We also provide dryer replacement parts such as switches, fuses, thermostats, and rollers


Our expert team of technicians repair upright freezers, drawer freezers, chest freezers, and refrigerator/freezer combinations. Some of the common problems we get at iFix Appliance Repair are:
• Damaged door seal
• Freezer not cooling
• Fluctuating freezer temperature
• Freezer not powering on
We also house a wide variety of freezer replacement parts such as:
• Timers
• Safety switches
• Evaporator fans
• Thermostats
Call us today for professional freezer repair and maintenance services.

Vent Hood

A faulty vent hood leaves stale air in the kitchen which every homeowner finds unpleasant. Vent hoods help in circulating clean and fresh air in the kitchen and our technicians ensure you never have to endure repulsive odor in your kitchen.
We have technicians to repair a range of vent hoods including:
• Ducted/non-ducted vent hoods
• Custom built-in vent hoods
• Under-cabinet vent hoods
At iFix Appliance Repair, our technicians help solve common vent problems such as:
• Faulty keypads
• Vent hood that won’t clear smoke
• Humming or loud noise coming from the motor
We also have replacement parts for your vent hood such as lights, control boards, and fans.
If you have any of these problems, contact us today for professional vent hood repair and maintenance services.