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You know how inconveniencing refrigerator problems can be. You don’t want your fridge breaking down because that means unforeseen expenses that could mean tons of money in repairs.

Not to worry, we’re here to help out. We provide maintenance and repair services for freezerless refrigerators, compact refrigerators, top freezer refrigerators, French door refrigerators and more.

iFix Appliance Repair of Greenwich also replaces the following parts:

  • Defrost heaters
  • Condensers
  • Drawers
  • Thermostats, etc.

Don’t wait any minute longer. Call us now and let us fix your refrigerator problem for you. Trust iFix Appliance Repair to give you the best services in town.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

Our mission is to provide all our Greenwich customers the best appliance repair and maintenance services in town. Our technicians are highly experienced when it comes to oven and range repair and maintenance. We can handle a variety of issues including;

-Oven doesn’t bake

-Indicator light won’t go off

-Burner is too hot despite different setting

-Oven will not heat up and more.

We provide the following replacement parts for ovens, cooktops and ranges:

  • Dials
  • Thermostats
  • Switches
  • Valves
  • Temperature sensors and more
Warming Drawer

We know how inconveniencing a broken down warming drawer can be. These appliances are meant to make our lives easier and not to frustrate us. Don’t let warming drawer repair and maintenance get you down. We can fix any warming drawer problem for you. The following are common issues we’ve encountered before;

  • Drawer won’t operate
  • Drawer doesn’t move easily
  • Appliance isn’t leveled
  • Drawer doesn’t close
  • Warming drawer shuts off abruptly

We also replace thermostats, fans, power buttons, motors and other warming drawer parts. To ensure your warming drawer serves you longer, put in place maintenance practices. We can give you a few tips on what to do. Call our Greenwich office if you need any work done on your warming drawers.


With a broken down dishwasher you get cloudy wine glasses and motors that won’t run. Don’t let it frustrate you. We have a staff of professionals that can provide a solution to your dishwasher problem today.

Some common dishwasher problems we’ve dealt with before include;


-Water won’t pump out

-Dirty dishes at the end of a cycle

-Wash cycles running too long, etc.


We wouldn’t recommend homeowners dealing with microwave issues on their own. You’re going to need a professional’s help. We repair several types of microwave ovens- call us today!

iFix Appliance Repair of Greenwich can handle the following issues;

  • Turntable won’t rotate
  • Buzzing noise may also be heard
  • Microwave doesn’t heat food
  • Touch pad won’t work, etc.

We also replace microwave parts for you. Are you looking for any of the following?





iFix Appliance Repair technicians can take care of any microwave problem. Visit our Greenwich office today!

Washing Machine

You’re going to need a professional service provider that can tackle emergency repairs to handle all your washer repair and maintenance problems. iFix Appliance Repair is that go-to service provider in Greenwich.

Call us today if you have a broken down washing machine. We fix several types of washing machines.

Do you need any washing machine repairs in Greenwich? Our iFix Appliance specialists advise you to take act now.

Reach us today if you the following problems;

  • No agitation
  • Leaks
  • Excess vibration
  • Washing machine isn’t spinning and others

We also replace lid switches and plungers, belts, pumps, timers, hoses, etc. Call our Greenwich branch today if you need repair, maintenance or washer replacement parts. iFix Appliance Repair is proud to serve residential as well as commercial clients.


Dryers can incur high energy costs when they keep breaking down. It isn’t right for you to spend tons and tons of money on dryer repair and maintenance. Let iFix Appliance Repair of Greenwich fix this problem for you.

Some common dryer issues we have encountered include an overheating dryer, dryer won’t run, drum doesn’t spin and others.

We replace the following;

  • Timers
  • Motors
  • Belts
  • Fuses
  • Thermostats etc.

Remember, using these appliances when they’re not at their best capacity can incur you high utility costs. To prevent this, give us a call or visit us today.


The technicians at iFix Appliance Repair are highly experienced when it comes to repairing different fridge types. Call us for whatever need you have.

If you’ve noticed the problems below, call or visit iFix Appliance Repair today;

-Freezer makes weird noises

-Damaged door seals

-Freezer won’t power on

-Freezer isn’t cooling, etc.

We also provide several freezer parts including thermostats, door seals, motors, defrosters, fans, compressors and more.

Save your money when you work with iFix Appliance Repair Greenwich professionals. Call or visit us if you are in need of freezer repair or replacement parts.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods transform your kitchen by improving air quality and preventing damage to your walls from heat and smoke that builds up over time.

The professionals at iFix have a wide knowledge in the repair and maintenance of several vent hood systems. Regardless of whether you’re using ducted/non-ducted vent hoods, custom-built-in vent hoods, custom-made vent hoods, etc. you can call us day or night whenever you experience a breakdown.

Common vent hood issues we’ve dealt with before include;

  • Vent hood that doesn’t clear smoke
  • A humming motor
  • A keypad that doesn’t work
  • Fan and light both won’t work and more

If you’ve noticed any of these problems, please call or visit iFix Appliance Repair Greenwich today! We also sell various vent hood replacement parts for homes and businesses

Serving Greenwich

Greenwich may now be home to people of many different backgrounds, but it was once only occupied by one group- Horicon tribe who are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of the town. Our town has been known by many names including Argyle, Union village and finally Greenwich (happened in 1867). The name stuck till date.

The town of Greenwich has an important background. A historical marker was positioned in Mowry Park with details of the locations of former safe houses. This made Greenwich a crucial point along the Underground Railroad. We’re proud to share a piece of Greenwich’s rich history. iFix Appliance Repair consists of some of the most brilliant engineering minds in town. Our staff will attend to your appliance repair and maintenance problems swiftly and efficiently. Try us today!