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Taking care of refrigerator problems early saves you food wastage, illness and money. Our refrigerator repair technicians can repair several kinds of refrigerators.

Our technicians can address any problems you’ve been having with your refrigerator. iFix Appliance Repair can handle maintenance, replacement, general service and more.

If you need refrigerator parts, we also provide them too. These include condensers, defrost heaters, solenoids, motors, etc.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

Oven repair can be very frustrating for homeowners and business owners. Spare yourself the trouble and count on iFix Appliance Repair experts. We handle oven and range repair and maintenance in Cortlandt.

iFix professionals handle the following oven issues;

-Burner won’t light

-Damaged oven doors

-Indicator light remains on

-No heat from oven

-Oven doesn’t bake, etc.

We replace several oven, cooktops and range spare parts including;

  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Controller boards
  • Dials
  • Burners and more

Call or visit our Cortlandt office today.

Warming Drawer

We’re happy to fix all your warming drawer needs. Our technicians have experience and knowledge in common warming drawer issues which include;

  • Warming drawer won’t operate
  • Drawer isn’t leveled properly
  • Appliance doesn’t move easily
  • Warming drawer remains on, etc.

The frequency of warming drawer repairs depends on how well you take care of your warming drawer. There are many maintenance practices that you need to put in place to care for your warming drawer. We can advise you on that. iFix Appliance Repair takes care of warming drawer replacement parts such as mounting screws, power buttons, motors, thermostats and more.


Cloudy wine glasses, wash cycles that run too long, motors that won’t run, etc. are all problems that come with broken down dishwashers. We can help you repair any issues you’ve been having with your dishwasher today.

Call or visit our Cortlandt branch today so we can start on providing solutions for your dishwasher problems.


Having a frustrating microwave issue? It doesn’t matter what type of microwave you have, our professionals will do their best to repair and maintain it for you. We repair several microwave ovens including built in, countertop and drawer style microwaves.

iFix Appliance Repair experts can fix the following microwave issues;

  • Microwave won’t work
  • Sparks seen inside the microwave
  • Turntable doesn’t rotate
  • Microwave doesn’t produce heat and more.

We also have several replacement parts that are both quality and affordable. If you have issues with your microwave oven, be sure to call or contact us today.

Washing Machine

With over ten years’ experience in washer repair and maintenance, we’re proud to say that we are the best appliance repair company in Cortlandt. iFix Appliance Repair can provide solutions to all your washer issues. Call us now if you have experienced the following;

  • Washing machine without power
  • Spinning cycles are constantly interrupted
  • Noisy washing machines
  • Little or no agitation
  • Leaks in the dishwasher, etc.

We also replace the following parts;

-Agitator assemblies



-Lid plungers & switches, etc.

If you’re looking for washer repair and maintenance in Cortlandt then seek no further.


Keeping machines like dryers in their best shape ensures you don’t make any energy losses. We’ll examine the kind of dryer you own before providing you with a solution to your dryer problem.

Make sure you give our technicians a full brief of the dryer issues you are experiencing. We also replace several dryer parts including;

  • Fuses
  • Timers
  • Rollers
  • Switches,
  • Thermostats, etc.

Don’t sit back and watch your energy costs double. Let iFix Appliance Repair be the dryer solution you need.


Investing in timely freezer repair and maintenance is one way of ensuring you don’t make any losses. If you have a freezer at your home or business, you need to have a reliable appliance repair and maintenance company you can count on.

Our company professionals are highly trained and experienced when it comes to fixing different fridge types. We can fix upright freezers, drawer freezers, chest freezers and refrigerator & freezer combinations.

If you’ve noticed any freezer issues lately, call or visit us today. Some common problems we’ve seen before include;

-Freezer that isn’t cooling

-Freezer doesn’t have any power

-Freezer with damaged door seals

-Temperature shifts from hot to cold

-Noisy freezer, etc.

We also have freezer replacement parts on sale. They include;

  • Evaporator coils and fans
  • Compressors
  • Motors
  • Defrosters, etc.

Call or visit or iFix Appliance Repair office today if you need freezer repair or replacement parts.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods handle odor removal and air filtration. They ensure your kitchen smells fresh and clean throughout the day. We don’t want you to watch your vent hood breaking down. We can fix any kind of vent hoods so reach us today.

Common vent hood problems we’ve encountered include;

  • A noisy motor
  • Keys don’t work
  • Vent hood has problems clearing smoke
  • Fan and lights don’t work, etc.

Some of the vent hood spare parts we provide are;





-Control boards

-Fan motors, etc.

We promise to deliver the best vent hood repair and maintenance services in Cortlandt. Our professional staff will take care of your vent hood and ensure your kitchen is back to being comfortable.

Serving Cortlandt

We’re proud to be the leading appliance repair and maintenance experts in Cortlandt, northwest of Westchester County at 50 sq. miles. Cortlandt has two villages; Buchanan and Croton-on-Hudson. Cortlandt residents can access New York City through the Cortlandt train station and the Croton-Harmon station. To the West of Cortlandt lies the Hudson and the city of Peekskill. It is bordered to the North by Putnam Valley in Putnam County and Phlipstown. Yorktown lies to the East and to the South of Cortlandt lies New Castle and Ossining. The New York State Police provides law enforcement services in Cortlandt with the help of the Westchester County Department of Public Safety.