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The Best Appliance Repair Service in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Sometimes, appliances fail. When they do, you want professional appliance repair and maintenance services. At iFix Appliance Repair Cortlandt Manor, NY, we have a team of professional appliance repair technicians ready to offer a range of repair and maintenance services.

Repairing a refrigerator, the moment a problem occurs saves a lot of money in the long run. Our team of professional refrigerator repair professionals repair French door refrigerators, compact refrigerators, freezer-less refrigerators, and top freezer refrigerators at your earliest convenience.
We also offer general maintenance and part replacement services to keep your refrigerator running at optimum capacity. Some of the parts we replace are:
Defrost heaters
Older refrigerator models, due to wear and tear, can lead to significant repair costs. It’s better to invest in newer refrigerator models that only require minor tune-ups or modifications. Call us today for comprehensive refrigerator repairs and maintenance in Cortlandt Manor, NY.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

With our extensive knowledge in kitchen appliance repair and maintenance, you can rely on our professionals to fix any problem with your oven or cooktop. We ensure you never have to order out because of a faulty oven or cooktop. For our commercial clients, we ensure your guests never have to wait for hours on end for their orders. We help Cortlandt Manor residents solve common oven and cooktop issues such as:
Faulty burners
Ovens that won’t bake
Malfunctioning oven indicator lights
Burners that won’t go off
iFix Appliance Repair Cortlandt Manor also stocks a range of oven and cooktop replacement parts including:
If you ever have a problem with your oven or cooktop, contact us for instant repair and maintenance services.

Warming Drawer

Serving a cold dish to clients or guests is a guaranteed way of making sure they never come back. To make sure they come back for more, make sure your warming drawer runs without any glitches. Contact us today for warming drawer repairs and maintenance services.
We help customers with warming drawer issues such as:
Warming drawers that won’t power on
Warming drawers that won’t close
Warming drawers that are out of position
Warming drawers that won’t open
We also provide replacement parts for warming drawers such as:
Fan motors
Mounting screws
Power buttons
Whenever you find yourself looking for warming drawer repair and maintenance services, call iFix Appliance Repair. We make sure to get your warming drawer in the optimal working condition in the shortest time possible.


We have a range of solutions for any malfunction afflicting your dishwasher. Our professional technicians have handled dozens of dishwasher problems before including:
Wash cycles that run too long
Wash cycles that don’t clean dishes
Dishwasher not filling with water
Call our offices today for a solution to any problem you may have with your dishwasher.


Whenever your microwave develops a problem, you want a professional looking into it. We have experience in repairing different microwave problems in different models such as built-in microwaves, countertop microwaves, and drawer style microwaves.
At iFix Appliance Repair, we help customers resolve microwave issues such as:
Microwave that won’t power on
Microwave that won’t heat food
Sparks inside the microwave
Microwave turntables that won’t rotate
We also offer replacement parts including:
Microwave plates
Don’t let a faulty microwave ruin meal times. Call iFix Appliance Repair today.

Washing Machine

Your washer requires regular maintenance. We have a professional team of technicians experienced in repairing a range of washer problems including:
Washing machine that won’t power on
Washing machine with excessive vibration
Washing machine that won’t spin properly
Washing machine that won’t agitate
We also stock replacements for timers, drive spindles, and transmissions.
With our professional service, you get back to doing the laundry in no time.


You know you have a faulty dryer when you see a spike in your energy bill. We have experience fixing dryer issues such as overheating, dryers that won’t heat, and dryers producing excess heat.
We also have replacement parts such as fuses, switches, thermostats, and rollers.
Improve the energy efficiency of your house by giving us a call today.


Our staff have extensive training in freezer repairs. We have extensive knowledge in repairing different types of freezers such as drawer freezers, upright freezers, chest freezers, and refrigerator/freezer combinations.
Some of the freezer problems we repair are:
Damaged door seal
Freezer that won’t cool
Freezer that cannot maintain constant temperature
Freezer that won’t power on
Repairing broken freezer evaporator fans, timers, and safety switches require professional attention to avoid further damage.
We have the following freezer replacement parts:
Evaporator fans
Door seals
Get in touch with us today for an evaluation of your freezer problem.

Vent Hood

Malfunctioning vent hoods cannot expel smoke and odor from the kitchen. Stale air gets trapped into the kitchen, causing a number of inconveniences.
Our professional staff are experienced in repairing different types of vent hoods including:
Ducted/non-ducted vent hoods
Under-cabinet vent hoods
Custom built-in vent hoods
At iFix Appliance Repair, we solve vent hood problems such as:
Malfunctioning keypads
Humming or loud motor noise
Vent hoods that won’t clear smoke
We also stock vent replacement parts such as:
Control boards
If you have any of these problems, contact us at our Cortlandt Manor offices. Our professional technicians will fix the problem and replace any faulty part.

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