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If you own a refrigerator you know how convenient storing food is for either your business or your family. You don’t want your fridge ever breaking down because that means food waste as well as possible illness.

We’re familiar with top freezer refrigerators, French door refrigerators, compact refrigerators, freezerless refrigerators and more. Our technicians can address a wide range of refrigerator problems. Call our Chappaqua office today if you need maintenance, replacement, general service and more.

We replace thermostats, drawers, defrost heaters, solenoids and more.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

Our technicians are highly knowledgeable in oven and range repair and maintenance. iFix Appliance Repair of Chappaqua can handle the following issues;

-Oven will not heat up

-Oven won’t bake

-Burner won’t come on

-A stuck oven door and more

We replace the following parts for ovens, cooktops and ranges:

  • Igniters
  • Burners
  • Thermostats
  • Valves, etc.
Warming Drawer

Appliances like warming drawers make life easier and better. Most people never realize how important warming drawers are, until one day they stop working properly. Warming drawer issues usually occur as a result of poor maintenance. We’re always eager to advise our clients on how to take care of a warming drawer. Call or visit our Chappaqua office today.

If you’re also experiencing any one of the following problems, make sure you call us today;

  • Drawer won’t operate.
  • Difficult to move warming drawer
  • Drawer doesn’t close
  • Warming drawer keeps going off suddenly, etc.

We also replace several warming drawer parts for you, so call us today. Some parts are easily replaced by homeowners themselves and we’re more than happy to give you expert advice on the procedure you will need to carry out.

Give us a call if you need any work done on your warming drawers. Our professional warming drawer experts in Chappaqua are ready to cater to all your needs.


It would look extremely unprofessional for your place of business to serve its guests with cloudy wine glasses. You also don’t want to be stuck at home struggling with a dishwasher motor that won’t run. Don’t let dishwasher repair and maintenance get you down. We can help you with your dishwasher problem today.

Common problems our technicians have encountered are;

-Wash cycles that run too long

-Water won’t pump out

-Dirty dishes at the end of a cycle, etc.


Have you been having a problem with your microwave? Worry no more. We repair the following microwave oven types;



-Drawer style and others.

iFix Appliance Repair of Chappaqua handles the following issues as well;

  • Microwave that won’t work
  • Sparks inside microwave
  • Turntable won’t rotate
  • Microwave won’t heat food, etc.

We replace diodes, lights, fuses, switches and other microwave parts.

If you’re having any issues with your microwave oven, be sure to contact the professionals today.

Washing Machine

Our company provides general maintenance as well as washer repair services in Chappaqua. With a wide skill set and highly sophisticated tools, we can operate on the following washing machines;

-Combination units

-Compact washing machines

-Front loading washing machines

-Top loading washing machines

Have you been having issues with this appliance? Contact us today if you have experienced a washing machine that won’t power on, excess vibration, little or no spinning, leaks, soapy clothes after wash cycle, etc.

We also replace washing machine parts like;


-Agitator assemblies

-Lid switches and plungers



-Pumps and more.

We’ll make sure you’re back to fast and easy laundry days as soon as possible.


It’s important to keep an appliance like your dryer running efficiently because this helps you save on energy bills. We’ll ensure we examine the kind of dryer you own before diagnosing a problem.

Some common issues our technicians have come across are;

-Dryer doesn’t produce heat

-Drum doesn’t spin

-Dryer won’t run

-Dryer overheats, etc.

We also replace thermostats, belts, fuses, motors and more. Using dryers when they’re not at their best may lead to high utility costs for your home or business. To prevent sudden breakdowns and safety issues, invest in a timely maintenance and repair service provider like us.


Freezer damage could mean losses for your home as well as business. We don’t want you to have to deal with food wastage or illness. The professionals at iFix Appliance Repair Chappaqua are highly trained when it comes to freezer repair and maintenance. We have experience with drawer freezers, chest freezers, upright freezers and refrigerator/freezer combinations.

If you’ve noticed these problems below, you might just be in need of our assistance;

-Freezer isn’t cooling

-Freezer is overcooling

-Freezer doesn’t power on

-Damaged door seals, etc.

We also provide freezer replacement parts. Sometimes your freezer may not be performing at its best because it could need one of the following;

  • Fans
  • Evaporator coils
  • Door seals
  • Defrosters, etc.

Choose to work with a company you can trust- iFix Appliance Repair Chappaqua. Call or visit our office if you need freezer repair or replacement parts.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods are responsible for odor removal and ventilation thus ensuring homeowners maintain clean and comfortable kitchens. They improve the air quality in your home. There are many kinds of vent hoods and our iFix technicians can repair and maintain them all. These include ducted, custom built-in, non-ducted and wall-mounted chimney vent hoods.

Common vent hood issues we’ve experienced below include;

  • A humming motor
  • A loud motor
  • Keypad won’t work
  • Vent hood won’t clear smoke and more.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, please call or visit the iFix Appliance Repair of Chappaqua office today! We’re at your service.

We replace vent hoods parts too. Some examples are;



-Switches, and more

Our professionals can fix your vent hood in the shortest time possible. Try our line now to book an appointment.

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When a group of Quakers moved and settled in present day Chappaqua, they probably didn’t know that they would come to be remembered all through history. They built their homes on Quaker street where they held weekly meetings. The Native Americans called the area shah-pah-ka which is an Algonquian word that means “the rustling land” or “the rattling land”. The Quakers were struggling with the name the Native Americans were using to refer to the little valley they had found themselves in. They used various names for it including: Shapiqua, Shappaqua, Shapaqua, Shapequa until they finally landed on Chappaqua.