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Your refrigerator is at risk of repair needs because you use it on a daily basis. You don’t want your fridge giving up on you suddenly and that’s where we come in. Early refrigerator maintenance and repairs save you money. Our professionals can fix many different refrigerator types.

Our specialists can fix refrigerator issues, can handle replacement, maintenance, general service and more.

We also replace several refrigerator parts including:

  • Defrost heaters
  • Condensers
  • Thermostats
  • Drawers
  • Solenoids, etc.

We provide refrigerator repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial purposes. Call or visit us today.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

Ovens, cooktops and range repair and maintenance is one of our specialties. Our professionals are trained and like to work fast and efficiently. We will fix any of the following oven issues;

-Oven burner won’t come on

-Indicator light remains on throughout

-Burner is too hot

-Oven won’t bake

-Oven doesn’t produce any heat

We also provide oven replacement parts;

  • Burners
  • Controller boards
  • Switches
  • Dials
  • Relays and more
Warming Drawer

We don’t want warming drawer repairs getting in the way of you running your food business. We want to ensure your services are top notch and the only way to do that is by providing quality warming repair and maintenance services in Briarcliff Manor.

We’ve handled several warming drawer issues before and have the experience in dealing with;

  • Warming drawers that aren’t level
  • Warming drawer can’t operate
  • Warming drawer can’t move easily
  • Drawer won’t close, etc.

We also have quality warming drawer parts like thermostats, power buttons, fan motors, etc. You’ll need to clean your warming drawer regularly to prevent the frequency of repairs. We can advise you on what to do. Reach us today at our Briarcliff Manor office.


Having a dishwasher with a motor that won’t run will cost you time, money and high utility bills. You shouldn’t have to go through the frustration alone. We can give you a solution to your dishwasher problem today.

Common dishwasher issues we have fixed include;

-Dishwasher cycles that run longer than usual

-Dirty utensils after every cycle

-Water leaks, and more.


Our experience in fixing many types of microwave ovens has helped us acquire the skills necessary to always ensure top customer satisfaction. Remember that when purchasing a microwave, you must consider how wattage impacts the cooking time of food in your microwave. The amount of space in your kitchen also matters.

iFix Appliance Repair professionals are experienced in handling;

  • Microwaves that won’t power on
  • Sparks seen inside the microwave
  • Touch pad keys won’t work, etc.

We replace fuses, diodes, capacitors, switches, and more.

If you’re having problems with your microwave, be sure to call today.

Washing Machine

You’re going to need a service provider you can trust to cater to your washer emergency repairs. iFix Appliance Repair is your number one appliance and repair company in town.

We offer washer maintenance and repair services. Call us today if you need either of the two services. We repair front loading machines, combination units, compact washing machines, and more.

Have you been having issues with your washing machine? Our technicians advise you to act quick. Call us if you’re experiencing washer problems ranging from washing machines that won’t power on to washing machines that won’t spin properly.

We also replace several parts including pumps, drive spindles, timers, hoses, etc.


You will notice a spike in your energy bills when you continue using a dryer that isn’t performing at its peak. Appliances like these are not best used when they are broken down. It’s not only a hassle, but could mean utility losses for your home/business. Let us handle your dryer issues for you.

Some common problems our experts handle include;

-Dryer that doesn’t run

-Dryer that doesn’t produce heat

-Dryer that overheats, and more

We replace belts, fuses, motors, timers and more.

To prevent dryer breakdowns and losses, call or visit us today.


Your freezer breaking down is not convenient for your family or business. We can ensure you don’t make any losses resulting from freezer inconveniences. We will help fix your freezer regardless of whether it is a chest freezer, upright freezer, drawer freezer, etc.

If you notice any of the problems below, call us immediately;

-Freezer that suddenly stops working

-Door seals that won’t shut

-Faulty timers

-Shifting temperature from hot to cold

-Frosty pipes, etc.

We also provide thermostats, fans, door seals, motors, defrosters, switches, etc.

If you have been having freezer issues, choose to work with the iFix Appliance Repair professionals. Call or visit our office if you need freezer repair, general maintenance or replacement parts.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods filter air in the kitchen, cleaning it and re-circulating it back. To perform its task efficiently, it needs to be running at best capacity. We have repaired several types of vent hoods before included wall mounted chimney vent hoods, custom built-in vent hoods, etc.

We can fix several kinds of vent hood issues including problems with motors running, keypads that won’t work, etc. We’re thoroughly experienced and highly knowledgeable in the area. Try our vent hood repair and maintenance technicians today.

Serving Briarcliff
During the precolonial days, Briarcliff Manor was occupied by a small group of Native Americans, the Wappinger tribe. At the time it was referred to by a different name- Whitson’s Corners. Our village Briarcliff Manor includes Scarborough and Chilmark communities. When it was established, it began with 331 people. Today, Briarcliff Manor is home to 8,000 people. A section of Briarcliff Manor includes home and buildings covering almost 400 acres. This village is historically known for being inhabited by wealthy families like the Rockefellers, Astors and Vanderbilts. It’s still a residential area and also considered affluent. We call Briarcliff Manor ‘A Village Between Two Rivers” because it’s positioned between the Hudson River and Pocantico River.