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Proper refrigerator maintenance saves you money. We can take care of any repair services you need for your home or business. Our technicians can handle several refrigerator types including top freezer refrigerators, compact refrigerators, freezerless refrigerators, etc.

We’re ready to address any issues you’re having with your refrigerator. Our company iFix Appliance Repair can handle repair, maintenance, general service, replacement and more.

We replace condensers, solenoids, defrost heaters, drawers and other refrigerator parts. If you’re wondering whether to replace or repair your refrigerator, contact us today and we’ll help you make the decision.

Oven / Range / Cooktop

We don’t want your business bearing the frustration of a broken down oven. It will save you time and money investing in a quality appliance repair and maintenance company you can trust. We are the finest appliance repair technicians in Bedford.

iFix Appliance Repair of Bedford can handle the following problems;

-Burner won’t light

-Oven doesn’t heat up

-Burner is too hot

-Oven door is stuck, difficult to move, etc.

We also have oven and range spare parts available. These include dials, relays, igniters, temperature sensors and so much more.

Warming Drawer

Warming drawers leave our food crisp and fresh while microwaves leave it soggy. That’s one of the reasons why more and more customers are leaning towards warming drawers here in Bedford. We’re always on call, ready to attend to all your warming drawer repair and maintenance queries. Give the warming drawer experts a call.

The following are some common warming drawer issues;

  • Drawer isn’t positioned properly
  • Drawer door won’t close
  • Warming drawer loses power suddenly
  • Difficult to move warming drawer, and more.

We also replace mounting screws, fans, keypads, buttons, etc. It’s easy to maintain your warming drawer. All you will need to do is clean it regularly. However, there is a system to this. Contact us today and we’ll give you tips on how to care for your warming drawers.


Don’t let dishwasher repair and maintenance get in your way. iFix Appliance Repair can give you a solution to your dishwasher problem. Common dishwasher issues our specialists have handled before include;

-Wash cycles running long.

-Dishwasher is leaking

-Dirty dishes after each cycle

-No water pumping out

We’re available for any dishwasher repair and maintenance services needed in town.


You shouldn’t handle the repair and maintenance of microwaves on your own. We advise you to seek a professional to help you with repairing your microwave. We can repair countertop microwave ovens, drawer style and built-in microwaves.

Some of the most common microwave problems we’ve come across include microwaves that won’t heat food, power on, keypads that won’t work, etc.

You will find that we are very reliable and affordable as well. Contact our Bedford office today.

Washing Machine

We provide expert washer repair and maintenance services. Call iFix Appliance Repair Bedford if you have washer issues on any kind of machine. Washers are used almost daily and are therefore prone to break downs.

If you’ve noticed any of the following problems, we advise you to act quickly;

  • No power on washing machine
  • Washer has no spinning power
  • Washer is extremely noisy
  • Washer constantly leaks, etc.

We also replace drive spindles, agitator assemblies, pumps, transmissions, lid plungers, etc. We’ll get you back to easy laundry days as fast as possible. Give us a call and let us bear the frustrations of washer repair and maintenance.


When you delay appliance repair and maintenance issues, your energy bills suffer. Some machines like dryers need to be repaired as soon as a problem occurs. If you don’t call a dryer maintenance expert early enough, you could end up making losses.

Some common dryer issues our technicians have encountered include;

-Dryer isn’t running

-Dryer overheats

-Drum stops spinning suddenly

-Dryer doesn’t produce heat anymore, etc.

We replace timers, rollers, thermostats, belts, etc.

We don’t want you struggling with a broken down dryer on your own. We have a staff of professionals ready to help. Just give us a call or visit our Bedford branch today.


When your freezer shuts down on you one day, you’re going to need an appliance repair and maintenance service provider you can rely on. We can be your-go to appliance handlers here in Bedford.

We’re at your service day or night. iFix technicians can repair;

-Chest freezers

-Drawer freezers

-Refrigerator/freezer combination units

-Upright freezers, etc.

If you’ve noticed that your freezer has overcooling problems, won’t power on, damaged door seals, etc. Reach our Bedford office today so we can provide for you a solution.

Remember, freezer issues should always be handled by professionals.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods help homeowners and business owners achieve clean and fresh smelling kitchens. When these appliances break down, it is very likely that you will no longer be able to enjoy an odorless kitchen. Call us today if you’re having vent hood issues in your home or place of business. We can fix several vent hoods regardless of type or size.

Are you dealing with a noisy vent hood? This is a sure sign that it needs to be looked at by a professional. Other signs include keypads that don’t work anymore, lights that won’t switch on, problems with clearing smoke, etc. Make the wise choice and leave it to the professionals.

We also replace vent hood parts such as;



-Exhaust fan motors

-Control boards and more.

If you’ve been looking for vent hood repair and maintenance services in Bedford, search no further than iFix Appliance Repair.

Serving Bedford

Bedford is located North East Westchester County. It has 3 hamlets namely Katonah, Bedford Hills and Bedford. The history of Bedford goes as far back as 1680 when a group of Puritans bought the land from Native Americans in exchange for cloth, blankets and coats. The Puritans were from Connecticut. Bedford was later made a part of Connecticut in 1697. It was only when a boundary dispute was settled by King William III of England that Bedford became part of New York. The Court House, which is Westchester County’s oldest government building, still stands tall in Bedford village where it was built in 1787 and renovated in the 60s.