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Refrigerator repair and maintenance shouldn’t be a hassle. At iFix Appliance Repair Armonk, we believe that taking care of refrigerator issues early saves you money. Our professionals have a wide array of skills thanks to experience in repairing several types of refrigerators. It doesn’t matter what fridge you own, iFix Armonk is at your service. Call us any day, any time.

Our professional repair team will fix any fridge problem you’ve been having lately. We handle refrigerator repairs, maintenance, replacement, general service, etc.

We also replace several refrigerator parts including;

  • Drawers
  • Defrost heaters
  • Solenoids
  • Thermostats
  • Condensers and more.
Oven / Range / Cooktop

Our expert staff is highly knowledgeable when it comes to oven, cooktops and range repair and maintenance in Armonk. We don’t want your home or business suffering any longer from a broken down oven. It is our responsibility to ensure you recover quickly from this kind of inconvenience. Our company can handle any of the following oven issues;

-Burner won’t light

-Oven door is stuck

-Indicator light remains on throughout

-Oven doesn’t heat up, and more

Call us today for any oven issues you are experiencing at home or at your place of business. We also provide ovens, cooktops and ranges replacement parts, including;

  • Burners
  • Valves
  • Relays
  • Temperature sensors
  • Switches, and more
Warming Drawer

How often do you take care of your warming drawer? There are important warming drawer practices you should put into consideration if you are considering using this appliance. If a drawer isn’t maintained properly, you could end up encountering these problems;

  • Warming drawer goes off suddenly
  • Warming drawer won’t power on
  • Drawer doesn’t level properly
  • Difficulty in moving the appliance, etc.

Sometimes warming drawer issues are caused by a defective part of the appliance. This means you will need to ask your go-to appliance repair company in Armonk if they stock any of the following drawer parts;

-Power buttons

-Mounting screws

-Fan motors

-Thermostats, etc.

Do you need warming drawer repair or maintenance? It’s easy! Call or visit our Armonk office today to discuss effective warming drawer solutions.


Dishwashers are one of those appliances that are used on a daily basis. This makes it prone to damages and repairs way often than you’d like. You need to have a company you can trust handling all your dishwasher repair and maintenance needs. We can be that for you.

Some dishwasher issues we have encountered before include;

-Dirty utensils after every cycle including cloudy wine glasses

-Empty dishwasher even after pumping water

-Motor won’t run

-Dishwasher always leaks, etc.

We won’t let dishwasher repair and maintenance get you down. Call or visit our Armonk branch today.


Homeowners shouldn’t handle microwave repair and maintenance on their own. If you have a problem with your microwave, contact a professional before it gets worse. iFix Appliance Repair Armonk works on countertop, drawer style as well as built-in microwave ovens.

We can also handle various microwave repair problems including power issues, heating issues, microwave functions such as heating or turntable rotating, etc.

We have microwave parts that are affordable and in good quality. They include;






If you’re having an issue with your microwave oven, call or visit us today.

Washing Machine

We offer regular washer maintenance services in the area. We can handle repairs on several types of washing machines including front loading, top loading, compact washing machines and more.

Reach our Armonk professionals today if you have any of the following washer issues;

  • Washing machine doesn’t have any power
  • No agitation
  • Noisy washer
  • Clothes remain soapy after each cycle
  • Washer leaks, etc.

We also have a wide selection of washer replacement parts at iFix so call us today. We won’t delay your laundry days any longer. You will surely make the right washing machine repair and maintenance choice with us!


Appliances like dryers use a lot of energy when they’re not operating at 100%. It’s necessary to keep them running efficiently because it helps you save on utility costs. We fix gas dryers and electric dryers. It is necessary for us to determine what kind of dryer you own before providing dryer solutions for you.

Common dryer problems include; dryer that doesn’t run, overheating dryer, dryer with no heat, drum that doesn’t spin, etc.

We have a range of dryer replacement parts available including;

  • Motors
  • Timers
  • Thermostats
  • Rollers
  • Fuses
  • Switches, and more.

Remember, using machines like dryers when they’re not at their best capacity can lead to high utility costs. To avoid dryer breakdowns as well as safety issues, give us a call or visit our today.


iFix Appliance Repair professionals are highly experienced when it comes to refrigerator repair and maintenance. We can fix upright freezers, drawer freezers, chest freezers, etc.

If you’ve noticed any of the refrigerator issues below, call or visit us in Armonk today;

-Freezer temperature problems

-No cooling or extreme overcooling

-Damaged evaporator fan

-Freezer doesn’t have any power

-Freezer door seals are damaged

-Frost on pipes

-Noisy freezer, etc.

Freezer repair and maintenance should be handled by professionals.

We also provide several freezer parts for your convenience such as thermostats, door seals, evaporator coils & fans, switches, motors, etc.

Make incredible savings when you choose to work with iFix Appliance Repair technicians. Call or visit our Armonk branch if you need freezer repair, maintenance or replacement parts.

Vent Hood

Having a broken down vent hood can be highly inconvenient for you and your kitchen. You won’t be able to enjoy a fresh stream of air pouring into your kitchen and now you’re at risk of having discolored cabinets and walls. iFix Appliance Repair doesn’t want that to become your reality. Vent hood repair and maintenance is one of our specialties.

We repair several types of vent hoods including ducted/non-ducted vent hoods, custom built-in vent hoods, wall-mounted vent hoods, etc.

We also have experience in dealing with several different vent hood issues including;

  • Noisy motors
  • Problems with keying in commands
  • Vent hood isn’t clearing smoke
  • Fan and light power issues

If you’re having any issues with your vent hood, please call or visit our iFix Appliance Repair office today! We’re at your service.

We also replace vent hood parts such as;


-Control boards



-Lights, etc.

Our professionals can ensure your vent hood is running in the shortest time possible. We provide the best vent hood repair services in Armonk.

Serving Armonk

Armonk is a hamlet in the town of North Castle and is also referred to as a census-designated place (CDP). Armonk is well known for being the headquarters of several major companies including IBM, M.E Sharpe (the second largest re-insurance company in the world), Swiss Re headquarters (been in Armonk since 1999 and has employed more than 1,200 people) and Wipro, a well-known Indian IT giant. The Smith Tavern in Armonk is a historical landmark of the Revolutionary War. It served as the headquarters for the local militia at the time. It was a frequent stop for stagecoaches, a post office, the town clerk offices, owned by Yale and later owned by a nearby church. In 1977 it became Armonk’s historical museum and then 6 years later got listed on the National Register of Historic Places.